Paywall bypass bookmarklet – Come From Google

Install CFG by dragging the link to bookmarks

When surfing around the web, sometimes you will hit a paywall to see the content. This is terrible UX in my opinion. I understand that companies need to make money one way or another and it might be a better choice than to put on some ads on the page. Nevertheless, I still think it is a bad experience and have written a bookmarklet to quickly workaround this problem.

Enter CFG (Come From Google)

This bookmarklet, CFG, will allow you to see any paywalled content by redirecting the page from Google. Just drag the link to your bookmarks, and click it when you see a paywall. It will reload the page and you will be able to see it.

How does it work?

It is a known feature/bug, that if you access a paywalled site from a search engine, you will be able to see the whole content. However, if you land the page from somewhere else, you hit a paywall. Therefore, the manual workaround for this was to search the url in Google and click the result.

This bookmarklet does the same, it does a search to Google and enables the old friend I’m feeling lucky meanwhile. This results in a full redirect to the URL. Viola, paywall is gone!

Install link (drag and drop to bookmarks bar): Come From Google

A test URL

Here’s a URL in which you can test the bookmarklet.
When you land this page from this URL, you see a paywall. Click on CFG and you can see the full content.